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Vilsem is a small team of multidisciplinary creatives based in Milan and Barcelona. We create narratives that raise the perception of brands, translating their core values in a significant visual form.

We use storytelling to give life to brands and products by establishing an emotional connection with the public.

We create video and graphic projects. Our works are situated in the perfect intersection between a strong artistic component and the client’s commercial needs. From the very first idea to the last details of the making, we operate on every single step of the workflow.

We are constantly looking towards new challenges as we believe in the explorative power of creativity to find a unique vision.

Our services

Whether you are planning an unforgettable event, want to promote your brand in a unique way or need a creative partner to bring your film project to life, we are here to offer you high quality video production solutions.


Learn more about our services and let your story be told through stunning images and engaging content. Contact us and together we will understand the services that best suit your needs.


Some of our clients



We follow a rigorous method, supported by strategic thinking and creativity, because your time is important, and also your aspirations. Ours is a shared design, we love to collaborate until success is achieved. We guide you step by step, working together to turn your ideas into a sensible reality.

Discover our steps: 


First meeting

Nice to meet you.
We need this first meeting to talk to you, to understand your company, your goals and your dreams. A first approach to the project that is about to be born, and which you will see grow during the evolution of all the subsequent phases.


Starter Briefs

The first operational phase, the starting point of our adventure. This initial brief allows you to get to know the people who will be in charge of your project one by one. You can share all your ideas with us, but also your doubts. Here we define the fundamental details for a perfect result: objectives, targets, product characteristics, expected benefits.


Study and research

With all the vital information at our disposal, it's time to go. We carefully study the markets in which you operate and examine your competitors thoroughly. Here in this phase we develop a visual communication strategy, to express your characteristics in the most effective way, defining the visual communication strategy to be adopted.


Moodboard or Storyboard

A phase of careful research is what the creation of our moodboards and storyboards is based on. Fundamental tools, the first steps that will allow your project to come to life. The moodboard, with its overall visual impact, anticipates colors, ideas, suggestions, emotions, inspirations. The storyboard, opening wide your imagination, will tell you the highlights of the story, showing you the “scene/concept” succession of the project. And the best part is that you can check everything with us.


Shared work

We want to let you participate. Our live chat will show you the to-do list, updated materials, the most significant progress of the project. A constant and transparent communication, carried out through continuous micro-cycles of action, verification, and subsequent planning. We told you we love collaborating!



Now that we've outlined all the details, we can start production on your brand new project. We are structured, organized and precise. This is why we follow a proven workflow, which over the years has allowed us to create so much beauty. We work on successive and precise phases, always with you and your idea at the centre, and you will be an active part of the whole process.



We're finally here, but for you it's just the beginning. The beginning of a story that you will be able to tell and share through extraordinary visual content, a true reflection of your aspirations. We will give you all the tools (and all the formats) you need to be able to present your product and amaze with your uniqueness.


The safety of Vilsem

No stress. We want the only surprise for you to be the beauty of the final result. We respect your privacy with confidentiality agreements created for you. We respect your times with punctual deliveries thanks to a team organized according to the pre-established deadline. We respect your finances with final costs true to estimates – goodbye final balances at the end!

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Start telling your story in a unique way!

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