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  • I have a limited budget, do you also work on small video productions?
    Don't worry, we understand budgets can vary. If you are a small business or have a limited budget, we are ready to discuss alternative solutions. We also offer the possibility to work with individual freelancers from our team, so reducing significantly costs without sacrificing professionalism.
  • How much does it cost?
    To be honest, it actually depend on what you need, every video project has a variable cost. It’s kind of like asking, “how much does a car cost?”. Well, what do you want it to do? Go fast? Or maybe transport cargo? Is it a car for the city, or do you want to take it off-road? ‍ See? It depends 😎
  • What kind of videos do you make?
    We like making videos that have an impact on the viewer. ‍ Be it Video ads/Reel, commercial, drone, branded content, corporate, or event content. Whatever it may be, it has to make the viewers feel something. That's when they become engaged. ‍ Watch some of our best videos here.
  • Are we going to be a good fit?
    We love working with clients with a clear and bold vision of what they want, but we also enjoy guiding and helping clients on their first video projects.
  • OK, so how does this work?
    First, we need to chat about the ideal outcomes of your project and how we can get you there effectively. So, we jump on a video call. From there, you send us a brief document regarding your marketing strategy for this campaign. If you don't have that, don't sweat, we'll help you figure everything out. ‍ Next, we put our creative hats on and come up with a couple of concepts that fit your needs. You choose the one you like best, and we develop it into a script and storyboards. ‍ Now, the process changes depending on whether we are making an animation or a live-action video... but in short, it comes down to working out the minute details of the scripts together, so that the final product is flawless.
  • How long does it take to make a video?
    Typically a live-action video gets filmed in a day or two. Easy. ‍ Preparation, on the other hand, including writing a script, casting the perfect actors, finding suitable locations, and then editing the video, can take 2 to 12 weeks, depending on the scope. ‍


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